Midtjylland – Randers

Midtjylland against Randers – this is the play-off game for an Europa League in the Dannish Superliga. The game is going to be played on Thursday night.

These two teams ended their regular season campaigns very close to each other. Midtjylland finisehd 5th with 38 points, while Randers were 7th with 33.

In terms of goal difference, Midtjylland did a lot better than Randers. They have scored 44 goals in 26 games and conceded 29. In same time Randers scored 26 and conceded 32.

After important games being played in the Championship Round and the Relegation Round, now these two teams must decide which one of them is going to play in the European competitions next season.

Midtjylland are clearly dominating Randers in the direct clashes between these two teams in the last two years. In the last seven games they have played against each other, Midtjylland have won six of them. Only once Randers managed to achieve a draw – 2-2 in July 2016.

These statistics are clearly making Midtjylland a clear favourite to win the Europa League play-off. They performed a little better than Randers in the Superliga and they have a real advantage in the head to head games. But will this matter now? We can’t know, we shall wait to see.

You should not forget that finals are very different to anything else in football. And this is basically a final – a final for an Europa League qualification. Although Midtjylland are the favourite to win, you should respect the fact that Randers managed to qualify for this decisive game. Now they are going to be the underdogs, but many times this is actually helping the team in question. Midtjylland are the favourites to win and this is an extra pressure to their shoulders. Let’s see how they will manage to handle it.