Real Madrid – Liverpool

Who will win the Champions League tonight? Real Madrid and Liverpool face each other in Kiev for the most prestigious trophy in European football. But who are the two best players in these two teams? Well, it’s absolutely clear who they are.

Cristiano Ronaldo is Real Madrid’s biggest weapon for the clash in Kiev. The Portuguese striker is Champions League’s best goalscorer ever. Until now he has scored 120 goals in the competition. His goal ratio in the Champions League is 0.79, which is more than impressive.

During his career Ronaldo has won the Champions League four times – once with Manchester United and three times with Real Madrid. He has scored goals in three of these four finals, which proves that he usually shines in these finals.

Nobody can argue that Cristiano Ronaldo is a big game player. He usually scores for Real Madrid in the biggest games and that’s why Liverpool have to be exceptionally careful about his presence on the pitch. If he has a chance to score a goal, he usually scores.

But Liverpool also have a superstar to show in Kiev. That’s the amazingly good from the beginning of the season Mohamed Salah.

The Egyptian international joined Liverpool in the summer, when he was brought in from Roma. We knew that he’s a good player, but nobody really expected that he’d make such a great season for the Reds. In 51 games played for Liverpool this season, Mo Salah have scored 44 goals. 11 of these goals were scored in the Champions League, which shows that he’s great not just in England, but in Europe, too.

For Real Madrid it’d be crucial to shut him down. Salah usually playes on the right flank, so it’s going to be Marcelo’s job to keep him quiet. The Brazilian international is very experienced player, but let’s see how he’s going to deal with Mo Salah.

This is our look at the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool in Kiev. Good luck!